Spectrophotometer for Fast & Accurate Spectral Measurements

    UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

    Spectrophotometer for Fast & Accurate Spectral Measurements



    A UV/VIS Excellence spectrophotometer combines outstanding optical performance based on FastTrack™ technology with the intuitive One Click™ user interface. Excellent performance and reliable results are verified with the CertiRef module for automated performance verification according to our GUVP™ (Good UV/VIS Practice) package. The optional LabX® PC software allows for quick and seamless spectroscopic workflows. A dedicated instrument for micro-volume measurements in the ultra-violet visible range, based on LockPath™ technology, is ideal for Life Science Applications.

    UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Life Science Applications

    Nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) and protein solutions are often analyzed by a UV/VIS spectrophotometer. This webinar provides useful background information and many tips and hints for optimizing measurement accuracy. UV/VIS Spectroscopy is a very powerful and popular method in life sciences. The webinar "Life Science Applications in UV/VIS Spectroscopy" reviews the most relevant applications that can be performed with a UV/VIS spectrophotometer with the focus on the life science market.

    UV/VIS Spectroscopy Toolbox for Life Sciences

    The field of life sciences typically applies UV/VIS spectroscopy in the analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and bacterial cell cultures. Our UV/VIS Spectroscopy Toolbox for Life Sciences supports you with these applications.

    UV/VIS Spectroscopy has become a standard method used on a daily basis in many life science laboratories. This is mainly due to its simplicity; it does not require complex sample preparation, it is easy to perform and results are obtained within seconds. A typical measurement requires only a small amount of sample, and as it is a non-destructive method, samples can be used for subsequent analyses.

    Our UV/VIS Life Science Applications in a Nutshell guide deepens into the most common applications:

    • Concentration determination of nucleic acids – DNA and RNA.
    • Purity of nucleic acids.
    • Concentration determination of proteins by direct measurement or colorimetric assays, study of enzymatic reactions, and monitoring growth curves of bacterial cell suspensions.

    uv vis spectroscopy
    uv vis spectroscopy

    UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

    Micro-Volume UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

    UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Cuvettes & Accessories

    From simple quality control workflows to strict pharmaceutical regulations, UV/VIS Excellence has it covered.
    Combines two instruments in one for both micro-volume and standard 1 cm cuvette measurements for life science research.
    Our wide range of accessories turns your UV/VIS instrument into a dedicated system to solve your application needs.
    • Full spectrum scan from 190 to 1100 nm within one second
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Small footprint to save valuable labspace
    • Robust design with no moving parts makes for low cost of ownership
    • Open sample area for easy accessory and sample loading
    • Large library of pre-defined applications ready to use
    • Only requires 1-2 µL of your sample
    • Automatic Pathlength selection at 0.1 and 1 mm allows for measurements over a large concentration range
    • No sample dilutions required
    • Predefined methods for life science applications such as nucleic acid analysis and protein assay
    uv vis spectroscopy
    uv vis spectroscopy


    LabX® Software

    With increasing demands for time-consuming performance verification in regulated laboratories, the CertiRef™ module offers a fully automated method according to Pharmacopeia guidelines.
    LabX® UV/VIS expands the instrument with a sophisticated graphical editor for spectra evaluation, increased automation capabilities, more workflow options, a method editing and many more features. Dat...
    Enlighten Your UV/VIS Results
    UV/VIS Results in a Flash
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