Automated Synthesis & Process Development

    Automated Synthesis & Process Development

    Automated Synthesis Reactors, Lab Reactors and Jacketed Lab Reactor Control


    Automated Lab Reactors & Reactor Systems For Chemical Synthesis & Process Development

    Control and Record All Reaction Parameters 24 Hours a Day

    Synthesis Reactors and Automated Lab Reactors provide an innovative platform for chemical synthesis, development and the kilo lab. These chemical synthesis and process development tools open new possibilities to discover synthetic pathways, explore conditions, and optimize reaction parameters. Depending on the operating volume and the goal of the investigation, researchers choose between different versions of synthesis reactors or automated lab reactor control.

    Customizable, application-specific tools and workstations range from entry level to advanced. Existing synthesis reactor systems and lab reactors, including common jacketed lab reactors, can be upgraded to offer additional functionality, control capabilities and smart data management.

    Today, researchers apply effective and enabling technology solutions to expand the research and development of innovative molecules and optimized process conditions. Synthesis Reactor technologies open new possibilities for control, optimization, and reporting of critical process conditions.  Replace the round bottom flask and reduce chemical development times with more consistent, repeatable experiments and earlier understanding of ideal reaction parameters. 

    chemical synthesis reactors
    Automated Lab Reactor Control

    Chemical Synthesis Reactors

    Jacketed Reactors Control & Automation

    Chemical synthesis reactors increase productivity in the lab
    Control jacketed lab reactors with third party heating and cooling systems, liquid addition, stirrers, and PAT tools.
    Innovation For the Synthesis Lab
    Synthesize, characterize and optimize with fully integrated chemistry workstations
    Characterize and Optimize Chemical Processes
    Ensure robust and scalable processes from 0.5 mL to 1000 mL
    Develop Ideal Chemistry Conditions
    Explore a wide range of operating temperatures without the need for an ice bath, oil bath, heating mantle or a cryostat
    Identify Innovative Reactions
    Screen more parameters with safe, 24 hour, unattended experiments
    Make Fast Decisions
    Capture and report data-rich experiments
    Innovation For Process Development and Scale-Up
    Connect and control jacketed lab reactors; 2 Liter volumes and higher
    Simple Interface
    Simplify procedures and reduce training with a single, standardized interface for all reactors, stirrers, and thermostats
    Report All Experimental Data
    Securely capture, prepare, and report data from reactors, sensors, and PAT tools
    Unattended Control
    Set procedures for safe, unattended 24 hour operation and improve lab productivity
    Occupational Safety
    The inherently safe system protects the operator and lab even when unattended
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