Load Cell, Weigh Module, Weight Sensor | METTLER TOLEDO

    Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors

    Weighing technology tailored to the needs of machine and instrument manufacturers


    High Precision Load Cell and Weigh Module

    Heavy-duty weighing of tanks, vessels, hoppers or conveyors is no match for METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules, which are built to withstand the demands of rugged industrial applications. With all global approvals, weigh modules and load cells for high-precision and industrial weighing from METTLER TOLEDO are easily integrated into machines, vehicles, devices and instruments. Their design incorporates principles to ensure overload and lift-off protection to for safe weighing and accurate results.

    Weight Sensor / High Precision Weigh Modules
    Load Cells, Weigh Modules, Load Sensors

    Weight Sensor / High Precision Weigh Modules

    Load Cells, Weigh Modules, Load Sensors

    High speed high accuracy weigh modules. Tailored to the needs of equipment or machine manufacturers for simple integration.
    Compression weigh modules, tension weigh modules, beam load cells, ring load cells, canister load cells, S load cells.
    High-Precision Weigh Modules
    Pairing high precision with high speed
    Weigh Modules and Load Cells
    Designed to withstand industrial environments
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